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It’s about family time and down time. It’s about game time and hang time. It’s about good food, scratch Cocktails, Craft Brews and happier hours. We are your neighborhood scratch kitchen and bar up the lake, and we invite you and yours to come as you are.

Our mission isn’t just to deliver the best food and hand-crafted cocktails in a relaxed neighborhood setting. It’s so much bigger than that.Because at Kryptonite we’re not just a destination bar, we’re also a destination mindset. We want our guests to walk away feeling full in every sense of the word. Think family owned bar with a dash of gourmet steakhouse and the best damn pizza in town.

Because anyone can fill glasses, but it takes a special place to fill souls.

To help you out when life gets busy, Kryptonite is now offering delivery to all areas through our partnerships with Doordash and UberEats.

Drink 2

Happy Hour